Martina B.

23. 1. 2016

What got my attention the most among everything that took place in Trebisov was perhaps the spiritual counseling. During the individual meeting the pastor asked me what I want him to pray for. I  told him my burden and after the prayer he inquired if I wanted to stay for personal counseling. I was glad because I had never been to one before.

I was full of expectations. The pastor asked me to tell him something more about my life, my troubles and my path to God. He led me through my whole life. He pointed out my mistakes, sins that I had commited that he saw to be the root cause of my current problems. He explained how important it is to forgive if I had ever been disappointed or done wrong. Eventually he helped me to confess my sins to God and ask for forgivness and atonement. I must say I felt relief and I’m thankfull for such a great servants that through Holy Spirit can lead people and help them know the Lord more. I’m very grateful for spiritual counseling and let it serve everyone that needs help with his problems but feels not to be able to deal with them on his own.

I’m sure it will help the one to go further in his life and in relationship with the Lord … as it did help me.