Viera Majerčíková

Peace to you!

I am retired woman that has been walking with Lord Jesus for few years. After all these years I have started to suffer from several diseases. The most annoying was asthma and high blood presure. Few weeks ago at the Sunday service I heard a sermon that touched my heart. The pastor said we pray “Lord, heal me” but at the same time we take medication to get better. That’s not the way to be. Rather our heavenly doctor, Lord Jesus Christ, has already borne our pain and sickness on the cross. Let’s accept by faith that which he – Jesus Christ, has given us. So when I got back home I gave myself in prayer and faith to my heavenly doctor with all my health issues to heal me. Since then I don’t take my medication. My problems are gone and I can once again live full life thanks to Him. My healer – Lord Jesus Christ has set me free from my suffering and healed me. What else to say?

Thank you, Lord Jesus!

sister Viera

(pastor’s comment: We’re not against the medication. We appreciate the work of doctors and bless them. But we testify about the medicine of heavenly Doctor, which is the word of God. And that has a healing power even where human doctors fail.)